What We're Into: November 2016

Despite the emotional charge of the week, we are looking towards the little things in life to be thankful for this month. Top on the list; FALL. Football, crisp(er) runs on the lake, booties, and sunnier mornings are giving us a mood boost. It's November, so accordingly, this "What We're Into" has a bit of a theme....thanksgiving and giving thanks. On that note, thank you, our juice-loving friends, for giving us a platform to share what we love and believe in. We hope you will love it too.


Do you practice gratitude on a regular basis? Like, have an actual habit of noting things you are thankful for? If not, you are missing out. Big time. A daily gratitude practice makes us happier and healthier. There's lots of research to back it up. And it is so simple.

Aim to write 3 things down a day in a journal or app. Be specific and try not to repeat from day-to-day. See yourself begin to see the beauty in the everyday. Simple. For more on gratitude, read this piece that discusses some tips, the science behind gratitude, and a convincing argument for why this practice should be the new norm.


Yea, yea, thanksgiving is a lot about the big bird. But, be honest, the sides are really where it's at. Especially, when you pick ones that are rich in nutrients to balance out the libations and pie. With a houseful of family and friends to cook for, we're scaling back on the cream and cheese in the dishes and are excited to try a few new plant-based sides this thanksgiving . Here's a mouth-watering round-up. It's a great opportunity to start a new tradition and spread health to your loved ones! It's fun to surprise the meat and potato (or turkey and gravy, in this case) loving folks with a dish they never would have imagined drooling over. Cue the rosemary and garlic mashed cauliflower and shredded brussels with pistachios. YUM!


East Austin Studio Tour

Nov. 19-20, 11am-6pm

Dazed and Confused by Rolling Roadshow

Nov. 20, 6pm-10pm

Seaholm Power Lawn


Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving morning, Nov. 24

The Long Center

Chuy's Children Giving to Children Parade

Saturday, Nov. 26, 11am

Starts at the Texas State Capitol

Free, but please bring a toy for children in need!

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