10 Fun, Local & Easy Resources to Keep ATX Kids Healthy

Let’s face it, the deteriorating health of America’s children is a crisis. Children are getting illnesses that were only seen in adults a couple decades ago. At Juice Austin we care about the health and well-being of your kids. A LOT. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons we do what we do. It’s not easy knowing how to navigate this world of cupcake-flavored goldfish crackers. Below are some of our favorite local kid-friendly resources and activities to help your kids stay healthy and have fun!

Get Kids Moving

Our favorite weekend activity with kids is to hike on one of the many trails in the Greenbelt. Hiking, biking, nature, running water, sunlight and fresh air; these are elements that will make everyone in the family feel good. In our opinion, there’s no better way to spend an Austin weekend.

Check out UMLAUF Scultpure Garden’s Family Day on the first Sunday of each month. You and your kiddos can enjoy a healthy treat from the Juice Austin truck, do yoga with the Little Yoga House, and more. Free and open to the public from 12-4pm!

The Little Yoga House is a great place to develop your little (or big) yogi! They have a preschool, after-school and in-school classes, and classes for all ages including teen, family and prenatal yoga. What a great way to give your kids a foundation for mental, spiritual and emotional health through yoga!

Develop your kids’ love of being active with Young Guns. Young Guns offers biking and running groups with the goal of getting kids moving in the outdoors while having fun! Groups meet in many different locations around Austin.

Get Kids Eating (Real Food)

We highly recommend The Pizza Trap, by Gabrielle Welch, for practical and easy-to-digest information and fun tips to help parents navigate these times of cheese-stuffed crust, sugar-loaded florescent “sports” drinks, and an endless supply of sweets!

Houston-based Welch, of Welch Wellness, is a Nutritional Consultant and offers her services in nutrition and wellness both in person and over the phone.

For a local expert to put your family on the path to health, check out Margaret Connor. Based in Austin, Margaret offers programs and one-on-one coaching to help families get healthier through nutrition and lifestyle techniques.

Pick up a Juice Austin cleanse to provide juice for the whole family. One day cleanses include six bottles, enough to last the whole family for a day or two.

Choose our “The Custom” cleanse to get juices the kids will love (Tropic Thunder and KISS are faves of the littles), plus some for you (we suggest our Kale to the Chief for parenting superpowers).

Kids are exposed to “fake food” all the time. To build healthy habits, they need to know about real food and where it comes from. The experiences with the farms below help kids develop an appreciation for and interest in whole foods straight from the earth.

Farmer’s Markets are a great place to expose kids to a variety of produce that looks and taste great. Let your kids pick out something they’ve never seen or tried before, then serve it up at home. Here’s an article about why it’s great to take kids to farmer’s markets and a list of local markets.

If you have teens, head to Johnson’s Backyard Garden where the family can volunteer on the working farm (ages 12-18 with adult). Get some dirt on your hands and come home with a box of organic veggies as a thanks!

At Sweet Berry Farm, outside of Marble Falls, you can pick your own berries, peaches, potatoes and onions, plus lots of other super fun activities for the little harvesters. In the Fall, the farm is a pumpkin patch. It’s always a fun day being outside, picking berries bursting with flavor straight from the vine at their peak of ripeness - just as nature intended.

We are fortunate to live in an awesome city with access to lots of ways to be healthy. Try these suggestions out to foster a healthy lifestyle for your family and have fun while you’re at it.

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